Monday, January 04, 2010 @ 20:28
on a field of daffodils
Today, I think I lost a friend.
Or maybe I just haven't been enough of one these past 2 years. Yeah I'm probably overreacting hahahaha. Not.

Disappointment is a severe understatement.
But then again, I have always told people to go with their natural instincts haven't I? Its pretty ironic right? As I thought about it, I began to ask myself, what if your natural instincts were the wrong choices? Heck, either way, you are the one to ultimately decide if the decision you made was incorrect.

Seeing that I didn't really matter compared to someone who is...
Sigh, you won't understand unless you're in my shoes.

Goodbye everyone, I officially proclaim myself as numb.

Another sleepless night and I'm still staring at the ceiling...