Friday, May 30, 2008 @ 21:06
i received my prelims 2 oral result today!
guess what? i didn't fail. yesssss.
got 14.5 out of 20.
God, thank you for blocking whatever crap the examiners heard me say during oral.

anyway, law and zhiyuan are at my house right now.
they are staying over for the night.
yay, its gonna be so much fun HAHA.

countdown to prelims 2: 18 days.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Thursday, May 29, 2008 @ 12:13
sing like you want this.

random msn chat with jason!

愛するJanice. says:
i only know 5 girls that i still talk to

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
including ur sis and mum?

愛するJanice. says:

愛するJanice. says:
i dont talk to them

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
lol wtheck

愛するJanice. says:
really man

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
u fuked up dude

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
u need some counselling

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

愛するJanice. says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
oops :X okay i'll chill

愛するJanice. says:
counsel me laaaaaaa

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

愛するJanice. says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
are you okay?

愛するJanice. says:

愛するJanice. says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
do u have family problems?

愛するJanice. says:
why yes

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
is ur family facing some kind of difficulty?

愛するJanice. says:
my dad made out with me once ):

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
do you mind sharing with me?

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
thats so sweet

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
what else?

愛するJanice. says:

愛するJanice. says:
i think my sis is crazy

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
well thats quite normal

愛するJanice. says:
and i smelt my mom's menustration blood before

愛するJanice. says:
thats one real too

愛するJanice. says:
i didnt know what it was

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
wow that must have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience

愛するJanice. says:
then i go smell

愛するJanice. says:
serious -.-

愛するJanice. says:
then smelt like blood omfg

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
go on go on

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
pour out all that pent up shit in u

愛するJanice. says:
then i got to remove my entire body

愛するJanice. says:
[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
then remove it

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
screw it

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
go slit ur wrist

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
and jump down a building

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
do this world a favor

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
we have enough people living already

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
1 or 2 suicides a day wouldnt hurt

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

愛するJanice. says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
boy i love counselling

愛するJanice. says:
damn man

愛するJanice. says:
you make a great counsellor

愛するJanice. says:
i feel better already!

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
i know

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
awww shit

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
that wasnt supposed to happen

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:

[BB4H]–•(-•®ëí•-)•–© [ nii-pa ] ™ ~la crême glacée est amour~ says:
-back to drawing board-

愛するJanice. says:

forgive me for not blogging yesterday. was too tired to do so with tution and all.

had english oral yesterday. it was absolutely nerve wrecking. i realise i couldn't pronounce certain words because of my braces. sadly, i think they will deduct my marks cause of that. picture discussion was bad too, they prompted me twice if i had anything else to add on. so it was like:

"so do you have anything else to add on?"
"that's it?"

AHHH. so screwed.

conversation was equally dope too. i was bull crapping my way throughout the entire thing. and i didn't know why my brain had to let me down at that every moment!
i replied lean meat when they asked me what do i think is the healthiest food. yay, way to go smart ass.
they were obviously talking about vegetables.

hopefully i am in band 2. boooooo.

after oral, slacked in canteen and front porch awhile with some of the 4-1 peeps. then decided to head to j8 to watch a movie. but we didn't catch one because none of us could agree on what to watch. then went to food junction for lunch. by this time, only law(sex), suanhin, zhiyuan and me were left. so we were like arguing over where to sit. haha yes i know, sounds retarded right?
only suanhin didn't want to sit on the sofa because it was at the very side and it wasn't very cooling.

but since we were the majority, he had to comply.

after lunch, we took a bus back to my house to watch Naked Gun 3. too many funny scenes to describe but the best part was the dancing. i swear its the best 10 minutes of my life, ever.

back in my room, there is this huge poster of S.H.E on my wall and everyone was comparing which one is the prettiest.

suanhin: "eh hebe best la"
zhiyuan: "no lor, the right one also not bad(ella)."
me: "aiya i only like S.H."
suanhin: "you only like suanhin?"

that's so lame. felt an incoming blizzard during that moment.

law then slept on my bed for 20minutes while we played halo.
shucks, we should have taken a picture of him sleeping like a pig.
law the sleeping beauty. awwwwww.

okay okay, got to go now.
lessons are calling out to me. ):

cause you reached in your pocket,
and pulled out a pass.
that says you can take me anywhere.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 18:07
sweet beginnings do arise.
jaw kien ann.
you left your water bottle and game boy cartridge at my house!

Monday, May 26, 2008 @ 17:29
the pieces fall.
get ready for chinese o level, take 2.
tell me what the fcuk is wrong with you? how can you disappoint yourself and the teachers? go to hell jonathan.


Rooftops - Lost Prophets
When our time is up
When our lives are done
Will we say we've had our fun?

Will we make a mark this time?
Will we always say we tried?

Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
This is all we got now
Everybody scream your heart out.

All the love I've met
I have no regrets
If it all ends now, I'm set

Will we make a mark this time?
Will we always say we tried?

Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
This is all we got now
Everybody scream your heart out.

Standing on the rooftops
(Wait until the bombs drop)
This is all we got now
(Scream until your heart stops)
Never gonna regret
(Watching every sunset)
We'll listen to your heartbeat
(All the love that we found)

Scream your heart out
Scream your...

Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out.
This is all we got now
Everybody scream your...


anyway i'm obliged to post about my day despite my foul mood so here i go.
as i took basil's car to school, i had this sudden crave to listen to Awakening by Switchfoot. Not sure why either but for some strange reason i found it very calming.
maybe it was a desperate attempt to settle my unsteady emotions. after all, it is my first ever o level paper. i kept lip syncing throughout the car ride and when at the plaza, the song was still playing in my head.

before then, there was a worrying case. xiao wee's junior had stupidly left his dictionary on the locker which is right at the windows. anyone could have took it and xiao wee was relying on him to burrow a dictionary. good thing he managed to find one though.

back at the plaza, the 157 of us had assembled in our classes and awaiting the instructions to go into the hall. daniel accidentally slipped on a dictionary and did a "kung-fu hustle's buddha palm" on a bee. was freaking hilarious cause he didn't realise the bee was even there until we pointed out to him that it was on him. then he shrieked and had this really funny flustered face.

ah well, went inside to do paper 1 first.
let's... not go into how badly i did.

went to the canteen to eat a small pao before heading back for paper 2.
once again, lets not go into how badly i did.

after that, everyone of us started rejoicing that chinese was over, for now. could hear some of them exclaiming "yay sure A1 already." which sucks because i know i will never get it this round. anyone willing to make a bet with me? i'll prove all of you wrong. guess this is going in a circle huh?

we threw dominic's shoes from the 3rd floor to the 1st and from the 1st back to 3rd. hahaha. so many frantic attempts to catch a single pair of white shoes.
anyway he did get back his shoes- after like 5 minutes of hurling them.

went to j8 to have lunch at macs. joshua was saying that he wanted to buy a new skateboard so he left after awhile. but he later came back saying he had been interviewed by lian he zao bao.

so when he came back to macs, we were like HUH?! YOU ALREADY BOUGHT YOUR SKATEBOARD?
but before he could reply that, all of us started bomb barding him with retarded questions like:


HAHAHAHA. okay for all you people who don't get it, the pun was that joshua is a fat boy. but dont worry, we still love you lots.

sorry if i sounded moody just now.

Sunday, May 25, 2008 @ 10:42
final countdown. O:

can't afford to keep sneezing in the hall whilst doing the paper.
pray for me people, its gonna come in handy.
and to others, good luck for o levels tomorrow!
i hope i will survive the ordeal to come back and visit my blog.

if i could be your first real heartache,
i would do it over again.

Saturday, May 24, 2008 @ 16:07
we're the crusades.
2 more days.
2 more days.
2 more days.
2 more days.
2 more days.
2 more days.
2 more days.
2 more days.

i'll survive.
and hopefully get at least an A2.

also received the cca points tabulation slip.
i got 21 points! wooohooo, which means i'll minus 2 points off my l1r5.
woah qiang!

Friday, May 23, 2008 @ 21:02
darling, you give love a bad name.
Hannah Monatana in the flash!

Today didn't feel like it was the last day of school at all.
In fact, it was probably indifference.
Just knowing that we had to go back everyday of the june holidays for extra lessons are discouraging enough but with the inevitable dawning of prelims 2...
Let's just say everyone is sort of waking up and starting to study.

But not me, I'm still in slumberland. I haven't even prepared my chemistry and physics spa file which needs to be handed up ASAP.
And chinese o levels are in about 60 hours time yet I still do not have the motivation to work hard.
C'mon, wake up your bloody idea jonathan.
Its high time you started. At times, I wished I could just force my soul out of my body and start whacking my body because its so useless.
Okay maybe not the body but rather the brain.

Please please please, LET ME AWAKEN.
I think I have motivational problems.

i was the fighter who can't get into the ring.

Thursday, May 22, 2008 @ 20:57
so long, astoria.
just got to love prank calling people who are going to be sent to rehabilitation centers.
and sing to them "they tried to send me to rehab but i said no, no, no."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 @ 21:19
my sharona
physics spa was okay, except that i left the gradient as a fraction ugh.

highlight of the day:

it was after school and a few of us were in class.
then the class was pretty dirty so we tried to clean it up.
checked the duty roster and saw tiong's name on it.
so naturally, i called him to do the roster.

but it turns out that his name is ON EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY OF THE TERM.
hahaha, hilarity ensued.

"walao eh i LOVE the duty roster leh. omg every wednesday."

no one can save you
the damage is done.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 @ 10:48
to the sound of this time bomb.
sexy red hot braces.
there's physics o level spa 2 tomorrow.
i hope nothing goes wrong.
*crosses fingers and prays*


Monday, May 19, 2008 @ 14:17
I know I'll look absolutely hot in a pinafore.
im going berserk. what the fuck is wrong with me.
tell me please, because i swear i cant take it any longer.
Stereo, stereo
Tired bullshit dressed in gold
Scan the youth, find the pieces
(Our ears have failed us now)
Stereo, stereo
Hear the world that you've created
Fall to pieces
We're all bought and sold!

Sunday, May 18, 2008 @ 15:03
hiatus oh hiatus.
on hiatus in preparation of chinese o's.
see you all on the other side :)
there will only be short updates from now till 26th of may.
goodbye my dearest blog and my faithful readers.

haha you see, i was falling asleep during paper 2 of english prelims. so i was sitting with my head dropping 45 degrees to the left. good thing he kicked my chair and i woke up. wooo thanks alot man! that really gave me a shocked and i managed to finish the paper in time.
next time you see me falling asleep in exams again, feel free to kick me my chair.

yay i finally got my 1 gig memory stick! i know it isn't big and i'll want another one soon but woooohoooo!

just for tonight,
just maybe we made it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008 @ 14:35
turning purple- and grey.
i want championship manager. ahhhhh.
i get so infuriated every time when i see cristiano ronaldo in another team like liverpool. why waste his talent on a lousy team? hahaha joking joking.
i know i'll get walloped back in class if certain people saw that.

p.s i hate ah bengs and ah lians.
and its really damn irritating cause i think they are a menace to society.
plus their broken english makes me feel laughing out loud.
don't ask me why i loathe them so much, they are just annoying and think they're so damn cool with whatever crap they're wearing.
oh, and if you want to deprove your english, just read their blogs or whatever.
worse than my standard when i was in primary school lol.

don't kill me when i go back to ro arrr. :D

"it kills us. a maths kills." hahaha noobfuck english.

Friday, May 16, 2008 @ 20:06
chanced upon you.
realised that catholic high students love to applaud.
today after english prelims 2, there were a few teachers on stage to make a few announcements. and at every pause, we would start cheering WOOOOOO.
yup, and i do mean every single pause.

although monday is a public holiday, you all need to come back for chinese.

higher chinese boys dont need to come back.

i know you all have been working very hard these past few months.

now only left 10 more days to study chinese.

so you all must take the opportunity to make the most of it.

then another teacher came on stage and started being serious.

eh you all think its very funny?

okay fine, we shall wait for you all to keep quiet before sending you off.

anyway, i'll pass english i think. just that can't score. ):
ah whatever, i should be contented to pass.
there's so much other things i'd rather do.
like just lying on my bed for the rest of my life. sleeping is good, you won't ever feel tired.
which is what i need right now.
but when i close my eyes, i get reminded of the stupid dance screw up!
what the fuxxxxxx.
why must imedia screw up on that day out of all days?!

and to everyone out there, GT doesn't look like bean.
hahaha, ok i help you already. what your classmates say i cant do anything lol.
and law is teh sex.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 @ 20:51
vaccum bag.
dom pitt, sanjay and serjia came back to chs to visit me.
ahahah yes how nice of them.
good to see all of them doing so well in their respective jc's.
caught up with them about what happened recently in chs and in their own schools too.
haha pretty hilarious i must say.
especially the girl that dom sits beside. he says she always have this shit smell whenever she stands up and many more tales of jc life.
the one about putting someone's ez link in a girl toilet and in the end he got sabotaged by a malay classmate was the icing on the cake.

sanjay's stories were pretty funny too. seems like the only 2 phrases girls say to him are "eh you very mean leh!" and "eh you very bad leh!"
went to a coffeshop in bishan north to grab a bite before the three of them left.
oh well, hope i can meet up with them soon.

AH and sorry richie for pang-sehing you xD
didn't think you would still be at the basketball court.
although probably you won't be reading this HAHA.

english prelim 2 tomorrow.
watch how i own it.

and to all the people getting back their results, cheer up.
not the end of the world yet. its coming only in 2012 remember?
anyway i'm just a phone call away.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 @ 18:08
three cheers for us.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @ 23:24
are you quite sure just who you are?
Ugh super tired.
Brain pretty much saturated from all the dance moves and formations.
Soooooooo tired.
I wish I could just lie on my bed and *bonk* sleep away.
But I can't because we have to even DREAM about our dance moves tonight.
Omg, good thing I don't share my bed with anyone or I sure kick him off it.

Anyway, had rehearsals from 3 to 9.
Shucks, missed the CHMA auditions today which was rumoured to be one of the funniest ever.
Like *Alastair(allah)* who sang the final countdown.
And some sec 3 guy who sang kung fu from the movie kung fu dunk. There is this lyric from the chorus that needs the singer to go kung fu kung fu or toufu toufu. Then he will point the mike at the audience, cueing them to sing along but the audience will just sing the opposite verse. Hahahah. Like its time to sing kung fu kung fu, they will sing toufu toufu. Jokeeeeeeeee.

Confirmed the dance positions today and I'm proud to say that I've finally memorised it all! Yay, thanks for all the trust in me. Glad that I could repay it. ;)
Cheng and me will be the leading 2 people throughout the entire performance so fingers crossed that we won't screw up. I know the 4-1 people will be supporting us right xD (your cue to say yes we support you two! hahah)
I want to be there for you, but I just don't know what to say to make you feel better. Just waiting for you to have trust in me I guess...
Oh well, its getting real late. Should be going offline soon so shall stop here.
Student Leader Investiture Dance year 2, here I come!

Monday, May 12, 2008 @ 20:13
we are the champions.
oh well, i'm sure all of you know what happened.
truth is, we are the champions again.
and the singing continues all night long in manchester.

anyway, back to my life.

its only the first of many chinese intensive lessons and i'm already starting to hate it. ahh and i'm still having like an average of 2 tests a day. sigh, no time to study too because of the rehearsals and what not.
oh well, just have to learn how to cope.

had chemistry o level spa 2 today.
wooohooo and i'm glad to say i didn't screw it up!
go to hell, potassium manganate.
curse all the three sig figs and the key sources of error.
yay, i'm gonna get at least an A2 for that spa.

but the physics one is coming up this wednesday and i can't help but worry.
oh nooooooooooooo.
plus its on the same day as the dance which is doubly worrying because there may be a lack of space in my brain. ):

ah heck it, sorry for the short update today.
nothing much seems to be going into my head.
i think i need to watch superhero movie in order to think clearly again.

Sunday, May 11, 2008 @ 12:26
blue and yellow.

this piano version is so much more different from the actual one.
much more serene. and sounds beautifully sad too.


i'm off to watch wigan vs manchester united!
final game of the season, and the devils WILL triumphant over the noobshit blues.(aka chelsea)


shit, i just swallowed a little of the mouthwash. now my stomach feels bloated for some reason. omggggggggggggggggg. *burps*

Saturday, May 10, 2008 @ 18:05
tongue tied.
To those going the CH musical, good luck surviving it. Because it sucks to the core. Hahaha. Well, I'm SOOOOOOO GLAD that I didn't go for it. Its probably another ploy by you-know-who to earn more money which I doubt he will because this entire bullcrap is going to be a flop anyway.

Whoever heard of a musical with only guys? -.-
Not that I'm saying my school sucks, just that a musical..?
Oh well, too late to do anything already.
Have fun surviving the musical then, ladies and gentlemen.

Friday, May 09, 2008 @ 20:47
wings of a butterfly - H.I.M

i wish i could play just like him.


slack slack slack.
that's what i'm doing.
3 free periods today, and i think i wasted of all of them.
played basketball after school all the way till 6.
i even suck at basketball, could score quite easily in the first hour. but after that i deteriorated like mad.
the bloody sun was like draining every bit of energy out of my body.

the guys will also ask you to off your "aimbot" if you are like scoring almost every time you shoot.
the whole scene was quite funny. but i'm too lazy to blog about it.

next week is the start of chinese intensive training. non-stop till the chinese O levels and it will be from 7am-10am EVERYDAY.
sounds exciting doesn't it?
and i have to drag myself back to school tomorrow for chinese lectures + a math mock paper.
time for me to drown myself in happiness.

Thursday, May 08, 2008 @ 21:11
dance rehearsal 2.
geog was super funny today.
we told mrs goh that hexiang had been telling us websites for porn.
its like what the hell? because he is the most guai in the entire class and king of porn at the same time. still waters run deep. xD

and the funny thing is mrs goh actually bought it.


and there are alot of websites that he runs like:

oh and he has a chatline too. if you want to get advice or just chat, please do contact hexiang at 1800-your-mom.

and there she was, scribbling down everything we wrote LOL.
i seriously think she is going to check out all of those websites and hotline xDxD
my class rocks, talk cock number 1 lol. actually its mainly a few people but what the heck.

so headed to dance studio for our second dance rehearsal. wooohooo, learnt the 2nd half of the dance today. and let me just say, THERE WILL BE A HUGE SURPRISE IN THE DANCE ITSELF. maybe the student leaders will see it during the full run rehearsal next tuesday but the rest of the school won't till the actual invest itself. hahaha, fun fun.

okay, enough.
shan't give any more spoilers(:

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 @ 22:55
student leader investiture full run rehearsal.
Sorry for all the short posts nowadays, been really really busy this week and this will stretch for a few more weeks.
Soooo... yea sorry if I can't talk as much in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, today the sec 4s had a valuable lesson in time wasting. We were literally stoning throughout the entire procedure. Oh well, at least we could do some catching up with the other cmc members like junny, yong yuan, rong yang and others. (:
And it feels kind of weird that we will be stepping down already because it seems that it was just yesterday that we were selected to be chairmen of our respective classes.
Mr Tan is right, time really does fly. Because in a turn of an eye, we are the ones that will be passing the badges to the sec 3s.
We will be the ones giving up our seats on stage to the next batch. And as the sec 4s proceed down those steps and out of the hall, we will have officially stepped down as student leaders.

So all of us were just fooling around the entire day, either talking cock, joking or making shadows against the projector screen. Absolute randomness.
Shan't go into the details because I wouldn't finish this post by bedtime.

After the entire rehearsal, studied a little of history whilst waiting for richie, sei yee, robin and nikolas to finish the meeting. We all were going to bishan north to eat. And yes, they are all excos -.-
Felt quite out of place because well, I'm not one. But heck it, went with them because I need to eat dinner and could head home together with Richie.
Finished the dinner at about 8 and walked back home.

And here I am, ta daaaa.
Its getting late so shall stop here tonight.
Anyway, can't wait for dance rehearsals tomorrow!

should have said something but I've said it enough.
by the way my words were faded,
rather waste some time with you.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008 @ 20:29
dance rehearsal 1 <3
wooohooo, today we had the first glimpse of the dance routine 12 of us would be doing on 14th may.
its alot more explosive and exciting compared to last year's investiture. great choreography because the moves really suited the music.
the 2 songs we are dancing to are Killer by Cherish and 4 Minutes by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland! Double woohoohoo.
i especially love 4 Minutes despite it being a pop song.
can't wait for the next rehearsal where we learn the other half of the choreography.
this year's dance item will be a blast, i can foresee it already.

and this year's pool of dancers are better than last year's so it won't be such an eyesore for the audience to see a few people lag behind.
once again, WOOOHOOOO!
now we have to practice it constantly till the investiture itself and keep listening to the 2 songs to familiarise ourselves with the beat.


was talking cock in class about inserting a movie name that you just watched recently in front of "in between your legs".
for example, alien vs predator in between your legs. haha and ta da, a whole new world of infinite possibilities.
be creative, think of any movies!

my personal favourite is rush hour. haha LOL.

we only got 4 minutes to save the world.

Monday, May 05, 2008 @ 20:41
wake up.
Okay folks! I'm back with the pictures from last thursday when 4-1 went to seoul gardens at ngee ann city to celebrate Miss Chow's birthday!
They aren't complete though, only uploaded some of the nicer ones.
So enjoy :)

Love Albert's smile.

Me and Cheng screaming in agony because we had to keep retaking this photo. Haha, and it was uncoordinated too. xD

Finally done. (:

Bryan drinking the "shit" after losing in Zong Ji Mi Ma. (踪迹密码)

But he still isn't very willing to drink it...

Talking cock. :D

Uhhh huh?

Blah blah blah. Ignore the lady in blue. She wasn't part of the gang.

Still wasn't as perfect as I wished for it to be, but it will suffice I suppose.
Hope you enjoyed yourself. (:

Oh and I'm looking forward to the dance rehearsal tomorrow. Wooohooo, dancing again for SLB investiture this year. Hope its even better than last year's.
And Cheng, tomorrow we have to stay back to help out with mark tabulating for Miss Chow again. Don't worry, we are getting paid though. She will be treating us to Icekimo :D

the words won't fit.

Sunday, May 04, 2008 @ 17:50
i'm fighting for us.
got a new zinc bag today. my parents were totally bugging me to buy a new bag so i just haphazardly chose this black sling bag. initially wanted the white one, but there were worries that me being me, i will turn it yellow or something.

haha and i took my dad to the sinseh because he sprained his leg twice in two days.
he was screaming like a little girl while the physician massaged his ankle. woohoo, it felt good. finally the roles were vice-versa. he was always the one who took me to see the sinseh. i remember i sprained my leg so badly either in sec 1 or 2, that i couldn't even walk. he had to piggy back me all the way to the clinic.

darn it, should have taken a video of him howling in pain. then i can use it and blackmail him for money. haha, okay just joking.

sigh, its going to be monday already?!
i can sense the monday blues encroaching.

Saturday, May 03, 2008 @ 14:37
sleepless nights.
happy birthday jinhe. you are da man.
for your birthday present, i present you one of the finalists in the uefa champions league, manchester united. (:

the night will go on, my little windmill.

Friday, May 02, 2008 @ 18:51
total obliteration.
hello moscow. manchester united is coming to visit soon.
well as for les blues, get ready to meet your worst nightmare.
i swear, we will rip you all to bits.


here are the oh so lovely pictures taken on wednesday featuring the 2 CH bears.
just got to love sexual innuendos.


Thursday, May 01, 2008 @ 22:49
leave without a trace.
this wasn't meant for other's eyes. so edited.


Met Yilin at about 3.15 at her bus stop. Sorry for being late! Was kinda caught up in things haha.
Anyway, we went to her house to study. Actually it can't really be considered studying because I was simply doing homework and she was revising for her exams.
And thanks for the muffin, it was great. Hadn't had one in ages. Her mum's baking is good you know. (:

Left her house at 4.45 to meet Dominic at AMK hub to train down to Orchard. Received Cheng Howe's phone call and had a slight miscommunication about the change of plans for dinner. We eventually settled for the original plan which was dinner at Seoul Gardens. But it was super expensive, $28 per person! Seoul Gardens pocketed $546 from all 21 of us.

I was initially afraid that the reservation of 20 seats wouldn't be enough but I was wrong. Hahaha. There were 21 people so we simply had to include one extra bill.
My foresight is so fantastic isn't it?
Anyway, sat beside Cheng Howe and birthday girl. Stuffed myself with all kinds of chicken, beef, fish and ice lemon tea! The food was not bad, except for the occasional eating of uncooked meat. Oh noooo, I can feel a diarrhoea coming up. Haha, joking.

But halfway through the dinner, Miss Chow suddenly said we could be easily mistaken as siblings, except that I was the older one and she was the younger one. Like what the heck? Ugh that was so saddening. But it's kinda true since she still has a chubby face and her baby fats. Put her in a jc or secondary uniform and she will still look like a student.

Highlight of the day was by far when we played "zhong ji mi ma". We went over to the "exotic" table to play and sadly, Lawrence was the biggest loser. He lost twice I think. Anyway, the forfeit was a digusting soup comprising of chili, egg, egg shells, watermelons, ice cream and other horrible crap you can think of. And it was salty like hell. Everyone that had a taste of it literally puked it back out.
Ah good fun, and Bryan died in the first round even before he even got to say anything because Sly left him with only one possible answer left and it was the number set by Xiao Wee.

The last part was the best because it was down to Albert and Xiao Wee. Loser had to drink an entire ladle of that crap so the stakes were obviously much higher than before. Umm, the range was 22-26. So Albert decided on 24 and when Lawrence announced that the range was 24-26, Xiao Wee had this look of desperation. Hahha, tough luck. But he drank it like a man, so bravo. (:

Trained home together after bouncing from Orchard to Marina Bay and then back to Bishan. On the entire ride back, I was still thinking about what happened earlier. Sigh, but Say Cheong didn't allow me to think about anything too much because we were all disturbing each other by spamming all the girls each of them they were related to. Hahaha, and all the rubbish just came pouring out.

Finally reached Bishan MRT and walked all the way back. Good excerise though, helps in digestion of all the meat I ate just now.
Haha, okay its getting late. Should be off to lala-land soon.
Bye folks.
Sigh. Perhaps I am destined to forever be a loser. It was one simple thing yet I fumbled it.
Why why why? Please tell me why. What was going through my mind at that point of time? Such a rash decision and one that ultimately caused even more trouble. I swear I had no idea it would turn out this way.
Why did I do such a thing? Was it on impulse? If it was, then why did I do so? Maybe its the other way round, you don't deserve me constantly creating trouble for you. Sorry. Because I can't tell how angry you really were deep down in your heart.

I can tell by your tone, I’ve taken it too far again.
Just when I thought I'd gone and fixed it all again.