Saturday, February 28, 2009 @ 10:20
Lost in darkest blue
Endless labyrinths weaving though
Will you stagger on,
with no star to light your way?
Share with me your tears
All your troubles and deepest fears
I remember when
you chased all my shadows away

Won't you take my hand?
Come away with me from this land
Let me give to you
all that you have given to me
Fly horizon bound
Find the moon behind darkening clouds
Even far apart,
know our souls together will be

When the storm draws nigh
Dreams will shatter before your eyes
Know that you're not alone
When the battle starts
I will comfort your restless heart
You'll know that you are home

When your stars stop shining
Endless vines around you winding
Know that you're not alone
I will give my all
So your tears will no longer fall
Down, down on sorrow's stone

Look into my eyes
All eternity you will find
In this fragile heart,
know that you will always belong
Shout into the night
Show the darkness that you will fight
Hopeless you may feel,
but inside I know you are strong

Keep me in your heart
So we'll never be far apart
Let the bonds of love
break these chains imprisoning you
Always you will find
Shadows lingering close behind
Lift your spirits now,
We shall be together soon

i just wish people would stop lying and denying things.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 23:21
You're Not Alone.
I don't know if I'm thinking too much.
But I'm happy for you if that's true :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 22:00
I'm looking through all my old photos.
They only seem to make me feel sad. ):

As i reminisce, I being to realise that...

I miss Cat High.
I miss my class.
I miss my friends.
I miss my green short shorts.
I miss my shiny buttons.
I miss the food.
I miss going to school early to rush homework (even though I still do now)
I miss listening singing the school song.
I miss going for assembly.
I miss the teachers there.

I miss... the carefree life.
I miss being in a single sex school.
I miss taopoking people.
I miss staying back in school to chat.
And lastly... I miss my brothers ):

CJC just isn't the same. They're worlds apart in fact.
Oh please, can't I have my old life back where everything was pixel perfect? ):

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 21:36
i'll be leaving for a while.
yay, now i finally experienced the true feeling of being burnt.

whispers in the wind.