Tuesday, May 29, 2007 @ 22:20
Woo, feels good to take a break finally. Well not really a break cause of all the !@#$$%^& homework...But still, waking up at 8++ is still something i need to reaccustom to.

Okay, so abit of updates over the past week. Lazy to update cause busy catching up with gaming..hehe..


So i was like so indignant before the sec3 ptm started. From 3-1, 3 people were going. Cheng Howe, Jordan and me. So how the hell they got Miss Chow and Mr Ng while i got Mr Tey?!?!
Haiz not fair...Physics was my worst sub and my parents were coming to make matters worse. Cheng Howe and Jordan's parents werent even coming. So i begged, and begged and begged but neither will swap with me -.-"

Soon PTM started and Miss Chow's table was 1 away from Mr Tey's. That gave me alot of chance to talk cock with Cheng. Also met some of the throwers like Gideon who got Ms Adeline Krishnan ( good game lawl. )

Was praying like mad that none of the teachers will talk bad stuff about me..and it did come true.
Every single teacher said i "built good rapport" with the class and they "look up" to me -__-ll... I was thinking..

" Oh god, that doesnt sound like me at all... "

I was expecting my mum to say something like " who are you and what you done with my idiot of a son?! "

Anyway, all the comments were good and i walked away from the PTM without a single scratch...unless you count the one given to me by Miss Chow for whacking me again...

Last day of school

Was quite nervewrecking actually..hoping that i would squeeze into top 10 in class but i kept thinking i won't cause of my crappy term 1 results. When i got back the slip, was beyond the moon. Got 6th LOL!!!

After that, i forgot what i did..haha.. Think played abit of audition -.-
Cause was too bored...and played soccer too. Big relief off my back...

But still compared with the level, i found out that 3-1 really was lagging behind. Cause my level position was 167 out of 401 which is around top 40%. But in class, i am top 15%... Kinda puts a damp on spirits to find out that the class is in deep shit.

Pxu movie outing

Went to watch pirates together with Bing, Zi, Nick, Zx, Shaomin, Shuang Yao, Qiang, Guan, Akira and one more guy that doesn't play RO..Forgot how to go to Shaw House so i needed zi to bring me there lol. Too long never go out liao...Haha. Then when she called me, i was playing some handphone tennis game and it hung....that started the trend.

Reached the 4th floor so see almost everyone. Then tio di siao by Bing, Zx and Zi -__-... cant you all let a little boy play his game? Lol...

Anyway, the movie was quite nice with lots of little bits of comedy. Especially Barbossa's two men..

" What do you reckon will happen if we drop a cannon ball on them? "

Lmaooo haha..But the middle is abit boring. And i don't really see a point of the role of Kalipso..quite redundant. It ended at about 9.40pm, then took a train back to Bishan with Qiang.

Wooo! Thats all for updates..Now still thinking should i use xm's old hwiz? Almost forgot how she looks like already.. Should be better than Eriko's one...haha.

Okay~ and for the sec3 gits that just came back from camp, don't be stupid and start scratching your sunburns. It will just ache more and leave scars. On the other hand....Go right ahead and forget what i typed =X

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 @ 22:27
Sigh, PTM is just tomorrow which means...im screwed! Got one day to "hong" the teachers and praise them liao~ Lol. Die die...Still wondering why my dad so hiong wanna see almost all the teachers. The only ones he aren't seeing are my combined humanities.

So lets see, there's miss chow, mr ng, miss tan, mr tey and mr yong...walao eh -_-ll

Dunno sia...chairman liao still need see form teacher...english barely pass so still okay lah. Physics also..but chinese and chem need meh --". Haiz, oh well, at least these past few weeks have been fun throughout.

Even managed to lock out eugene during recess. The whole class was inside well, the classroom. Except eugene. Hahaha the whole class ganked on him and i must say...pork did a nice job stopping him..hahaha!


Abit tired to update much so i will just post pics taken using my phone =)

Dominic got locked out of 4-3...AGAIN

We are in a SAP school and none of us can spell "pocky"...

Haha, gtg..sleep *yawn* Preparing myself for a tough ride tomorrow ><

Friday, May 18, 2007 @ 19:45
Hard to believe it, but i actually walked from the hall unscraped. Yea, instead of deproving like everyone in class, i actually improved from last term. Wow..pretty shell-shocked myself. Hate to admit it but i did not actually study much.. So kinda feel guilty for getting 4As..but nonetheless i will take it xD

Here are my overall grades for SA1:

Subjects: Grades:

English; 53 [C6]
Chinese; 63 [B4]
Maths; 76 [A1]
Chemistry; 74 [A2]
Physics; 53 [C6]
Geography Pure; 69 [B3]
History Elective; 80 [A1]
Social Studies; 78 [A1]

Mean score; 67
L1R5; 17

I was like wtf for geography and chemistry..1 more mark till A2 and A1 respectively..
Asked Miss Tan why couldn't she give me one more sympathy mark..

Me: " Miss Tan...why never give me 1 more mark? 1 more mark A1 liao leh... "
Miss Tan: " ...Aiya don't have means don't have lor..*giggles* "

Ok, time to play some dota and thrash some noob AI!!!
Wakaka, leave comments on my new skin too x]

My promise to you finally came true...

Saturday, May 12, 2007 @ 11:48
Really glad that my reuslts were not bad. Failed none so far, really have to thank god. I guess praying works after all...=)

But still, even though my own results are not bad, the class's overall is still not good enough...hope that everyone can improve. The way that we got lamblasted in hall really sucked. Hope now that my geography and english can pass and that my chemistry can squeeze up to an A2...xD

And to 3-1, those that are reading this, miss chow wants to collect the following on monday;

- passport
- $$ for sec3 camp
- PTM forms
- consent form for sec3 camp.

Please please, remember to bring or else cheng howe and me are gona get into alot of trouble...thanks.

Thursday, May 10, 2007 @ 22:15
Update on my results;

english - 22.5/50 [ not complete ]
maths - 81.7/100 [ final grade ]
social studies - 76/100 [ waiting for history elect ]

=) not bad~ i thought i was gona screw up all but hey whaddya know....lol. Owned pork in every subject LOL.

Oh, and i forgot to add a quoted phrase from dom pitt...
"Look at him, airing his balls. Oh wait, he no balls, only the scrotum."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 @ 21:46
Sian, today tio whack on both arms by miss chow and one by mr goh kee yong...wtf his strength so much then whoop down suddenly on me sia...zzz. Eh? why they whack me ar? Oh yea..cause of the stupid aaron soo....never say if he wan to go sec3 or not lols... then i forgot i had his h.p no. -__-ll

Then, went to sit with 4-3 during assembly. Today especially sucked and was damn boring. But it was not too bad cause sat with dominic and ralph. Whole assembly was talking cock til miss tan confiscate my phone...wtf. I check for my tution teacher sms den accidentally pressed the wrong shortcut..went to pictures. Just nice she backstab from back and took my phone haiz.

But at least it was not too bad la, cause managed to get it back after waiting outside HOD room...zzzz

Played abit of audition with pamela and wa her charac hot til nosebleed...lols.
Followed by RO woe! Not bad, 2 castles for pxu. Jiayou~ hope can grow till as strong as brotherhood...xD

Woo time to sleep liao..yawning away as im typing this. Hope tmr's script checking wont be as bad as i expect it to be...GOD SAVE ME!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 @ 18:18
Was so tired and got so pissed off today. Could have strangled pork to death. My enter was spoilt twice by him. I was like "wtf?".. Damn sad now cause my tablet looks shittier than ever. Walao eh knn sia...enter finally fixed and you have to come and spoil niama...KNS. But you not too bad, lend me external keyboard. If not, wa you no need celebrate father's day liaw.

Anyway got 47.5/70 for chinese paper 2...now awaiting compo only...shit why do i have a feeling that im gona fail....not good =.=. And i dunno why pamela find my audition character cute..find him damn stupid and i still think its not a very fun game...

Downloaded a nice song, called CHANCE! by UVERworld. Damn nice, uploading the video later after tution. And yea, i like it also cause i can reach the vocalist haha..WHOOPS the talent time shit..oh no!! and the homecoming fair is coming again...yay any pxu members wan come visit me? LOL. Also got to plan for the stupid fair...haiz. I dont understand..why cant we throw water bombs at pork..will be damn fun you all agree right? =(

Time for tution, patching audition so i can play with pamela? -.-"

P.s: dominic tan, thx for trying to fix my keyboard. I know it was fixed but too bad got broken by pork 2 times..thx alot anyway. =)

Monday, May 07, 2007 @ 14:53
Oh hell no
Its been a really long time since i saw the afternoon sun. No more walking in mud puddles everyday or slipping on wet floors or holding an umbrella whenever you go anywhere. Nice to not sneeze anymore too, but the problem now is that its damn hot -.-". Its like i need to take a bath every few hours just to prevent a fever.

Also just remembered how badly i screwed up my mid years. The oh-so familiar feeling is coming back to me and to be frank, its not very nice. But i guess that there is a pressure this year, unlike 2006. Maybe it had something to do with the parent-teacher meeting early in the year. My dad was sort of sighing and my form teacher told him that i better be in her class next year. Sounds retarded though, cause ever since then i have been bugged by him and mom for this past 5 months. Sometimes i feel like taking masking tapes and just tape their mouths shut. The world would be a better place with less noise pollution.

One more day left before i go back to school. And honestly speaking, im not looking forward to it. If i remember correctly, the last time i left the class it was in a total mess. And since NO ONE BOTHERS TO CLEAN IT UP, I DO IT MYSELF. Maybe i have an affinity with the brooms of class 3-1.

Anyway, time to catch up with my snooze. Gona be hectic with all the script checking and what not. So thats all for updates.


Saturday, May 05, 2007 @ 15:07
Finally its over!! Yay...but the celebrations will end soon. Totally screwed up all of my exams. Dunno how the hell im gona explain it to my parents and maybe even teachers lol... All im gona do is sit back, relax and go run -.-". Got to lose some weight xD cause of all those times sitting down mugging. SOCCER AND RUNNING WAHAHAHA !! And, im still thinking of going for woe or watching the manchester derby. So tempted to watch the derby.. we can win the title by tonight and manchester derbies are already so irresistable to start with.. Oh God!! Will do a normal entry once school reopens next tuesday. Is it just me or is blogger fucked up? Cause they edited all the usual and easy ways to upload pictures, urls and stuff. Oh well, blogger sucks anyway. Piece of crap.... :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007 @ 20:21
once a red devil, always a red devil

AC Milan 3 - 0 Manchester United
Sad? Yea. We were thrashed big time.. So much was expected from us, even labelled as the spirit of the treble winning season. So how did we crumble? Finally figured out that San Siro was indeed a fortress. At least for ManUtd. Out of 4 meetings at San Siro, we LOST ALL 4. Scored 0 and let in 10 goals in total. The dream is over, for this season. No more treble, no more derby in Athens. How come we weren't able to take out the fighting spirit ManUtd was associated so famous for? Even when down with minutes left, we still fight. So why weren't there any results to show? To tell the truth, we were shown what we exactly did to many other opponents this season. Flair, attack, press and blitz. AC fully deserved this win..All there is left is the Premiership and the FA cup. Wembley here we come!

Cause once a red devil, always a red devil...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 @ 21:08
Surprisingly, chemistry was especially hard. Harder than physics even. Haiz, looks like someone has her work cut out..haha. Expecting a big scolding on Thursday...

During the papers today, as i was looking up for inspiration and down in desperation, my eyes were turned to the stage. Saw 4 female teachers on stage, laughing their ass off. Yea, teachers. Duno if they were laughing at us how we were struggling. Among were miss tan, miss chong, miss wong and miss chia... Saw miss tan's whites throughout...zzz. For some reason felt damn irritated.. Maybe it was myself, angry cause i can't some questions. But i kept looking up and everytime and many times met her eyes. Gave a slight glare and looked away. Lols. Dunno why i did that too. Since she was smiling, i somehow just glared as a normal reaction. Grr. Dunno whats going on with so many things at the same thing.

Oh, and must thank miss chow for giving me the herbal candy xD. When i first woke up, felt like my throat was about to be ripped apart by Cerebus itself O_o..Ouch. Then i went to class, and as the class was walking to the hall, cheng howe, jordan, miss chow and me were left in class. Then i complained about my throat and she ask if i wanted a herbal candy cause she had a few on her table. Totally forgot about it until she smuggled it to my table just before the chemistry paper started. Wahaha, popped into my mouth and pretended nothing happened lol. Thanks miss chow xD!!

The herbal candy wrapper on my history notes.

Mug, mug, mug. Left only 2 more days! It won't be soon before long...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 20:53
Wahoo. Labour day! Another day gone by just like that. Hope i can do well in chemistry and geography ><... AND NO IT DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH TSW. Seriously, i don't find whats so fun pranking her...-.-

Jason : " hehe, lets prank seow wee. * calls tsw on phone*. "
TSW : " Hello? "
Jason : Hello is this miss tan? "
TSW : " Yes..Why? "
Daryl : " Nothing, just to tell you that Jonny lurbs u dip dip. "

LOL. Im so screwed...

Also played abit of RO private server. [ ya i know i should be studying... ] Quite fun, actually forgot how it felt like to be lousy with no equips. Started training my sinx skills..Gona need it cause im making one in the public server xD. Okay, thats all. I know my recent posts are short but hey, its exam periods. Time to study!! Yay for last minute revisions lols..Haha. Ok, good night and ciao~