Thursday, January 31, 2008 @ 16:41
Prelims 1 is a total flop...
Sigh, why must there be so many shallow idiots?
Guess it will kill them to sometimes think before doing anything.
Or just that they don't give a damn about others.

Whatever. If you guys still don't see my point then continue.
I don't blame you guys. Just pity and feel sorry for you all.


Monday, January 28, 2008 @ 22:36
Second day.
Thanks for all the well-wishes!
I know I won't let you all down too badly.

Sorry to Lorenta for having my phone's battery flat while smsing.

And special thanks to my CRAB PARTNER pam.
Wahahah. Thanks for the moral support. ((:
Even though this is just prelims 1 but nevertheless!

Screwed up chem today.
Probably gonna fail it. Ughs. My chemistry... Sob.
Social studies was easy. The questions were on Northern Ireland and British Welfare State which were the 2 easiest passages to study from the revision package.

Time for my sleep. Catch you all later.

So long and good night.
So long and good night...


Sunday, January 27, 2008 @ 21:53
I'll own O levels.
Cat High did really well for last year's O levels.
An average of 9.5 points for the entire cohort. All eligible for JC. =)
Really glad that they did so well, although a pity I am not with them to celebrate it.

Thanks to them, CHS stays in Band 1 of the school banding. Ahahaha. Yesss.
But since they scored so well, there is even more pressure on us to better it.
Hopefully, we will make it through this.
Sort of changed my mind about which JC to aim for.

1st choice is now VJC and 2nd is SAJC.
VJ cause ex-CHS students overpopulate it.
SAJC cause alot of chio bu! =x

Recently been playing basketball and mugging with Richie.
Pleaseeee let me get good grades for prelims 1 which is tomorrow.
God bless the sec4s.
And may we hang on for our dear minds.
Lest the stress gets into our heads.

So from now on I am going to chant " I'll own O levels. " in my head constantly.
Yes yes...
Currently still reading on chemistry.
Hope I don't get slaughtered.
What haber process, iron catalyst & exothermic - endothermic reactions.
I can't fit them into my head T.T
Good luck to myself. Cause its the 1st step towards O levels.

I'll own O levels.
I'll own O levels.
I'll own O levels.
I'll own O levels...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008 @ 22:25
SpartA.JomJom & [BB4H] Rose of May.
Ow. Got a spine breaker earlier in school.
My spine got wedged between FAT ong, HECTOR PHAN, JORDAN GOH & the door handle.
Hit the door handle with my back facing the door. Heard a loud crack immediately after the impact.
Its still sore. Sigh.

We have a new clan now on Europe Battlenet. The clan name is SpartA.
Why? Cause everytime in games we will chiong the enemy team at their fountain. So its like the spartan knights. :)

Haha. So in games all of us will normally spoof as "SpartA.Name"
Mine is SpartA.JomJom.
Yay. I know it sounds fantastically cool. -.-

And proud to be in [BB4H].
Brothers before Hoes.
GT and the rest are coming back to get their O level results tomorrow.
Shall meet them up and say Hi.

Hope they score enough to get into whatever jc they aiming for.

I must find a way to quit gaming.
Maybe throwing my laptop out the window will do the trick.
Procrastination has always been my biggest weakness.
4 more days to Prelims.

I shall mug the shit out of myself everyday. ( Literally. )
No more gaming until Prelims 1 are over.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008 @ 22:16
Fight of two rivals.


Sunday, January 20, 2008 @ 20:23
Rose of May.
Damn. Suddenly I have an urge to play Final Fantasy 9.
Why does it seem that with each passing day, I seem to be less focused on studying?
Been listening to the soundtracks of FF9.
Its been 8 years since I last heard these songs.
I was absolutely smitten with these songs when I initially played it, and I still am.

Music has an amazing way of interacting with minds and souls. Its soothing, yet somewhat nostalgic. My personal favourite is " you are not alone " by Nobuo Uematsu.
It's the theme played when Zidane ( the main character of FF9 ) wanders through this castle called Pandemonium. He was told by Garland that he was an empty vessel, an Angel of Death. His sole purpose in life was to destroy and nothing else. Meanwhile, his friends try to persuade him to return back to their side. Its really very touching.
And I shall upload it up here. Listen to the background music. Its " you are not alone ". Fantastic game. Fantastic story line. Fantastic MUSIC.

Final Fantasy IX Pandemonium 2/6.

Final Fantasy IX Pandemonium 3/6.


Saturday, January 19, 2008 @ 16:36
burning down the highway skyhigh.
CIP with sec1s today. Quite tiring.
Went collecting newspaper at blocks 211 & 212. I guess I am quite lucky in a sense that my blocks were right opposite CHS. I also got Miss Chow as my teacher - in - charge!

Collected alot of newspapers and old clothings. Raising funds for charity may seem tiring but I was grateful for the chance to bond the class. Especially after collecting all the newspapers and stuff, while waiting for the other half of the class, we were playing retarded games like dog and bone.

Simply hilarious. Kiddy, but fun. Didn't play together with them though. Sat beside Miss Chow watching them. I am not suited for such games. =)
Don't really like being associated with kids.

But its like a contradiction since my entire class behaves like kids. Haha.
God, I am tired.
Will upload the pictures later.
Currently addicted to " when you were young - the killers ".

9 more days to prelims 1.

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now
Here he comes

He doesnt look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined
When you were young


Thursday, January 17, 2008 @ 21:55
when we were young
Going through alot of stress now.
Very scared of how the prelims will turn out.
Afraid of the O levels too.
Not sure how am I going to pay for the class t-shirts too.
And the class still owes Miss Chow $700 in debts.
I make such a lousy chairman.
Can't do shit for nuts.

11 days to start of prelims 1.
Time is running out.

I can, I will. Just watch me.
3-1 motto. :)


Monday, January 14, 2008 @ 22:51
Fighting the storm, into the blue.
Ugh. Caught the flu bug. Think almost everyone has it in school.
Still have so many things to settle.
My books, my homework. Including having to brief sec1s on the newspaper collection on saturday. Sec2 PTM on Wednesday, Sec3's on Friday. Think I am only able to make it on Friday cause its a weekend.

I swear I will clear all my homework by tomorrow!
Sigh. Thats alot of homework. Probably have to do it in school.
I miss the carefree lifestyle.
Feel like applying for mc tomorrow.
Should I? Shall let my body decide for me tomorrow morning.

A half moon's fading from my sight.
I see a vision in its light.
But now it's gone and left me so alone.
I know I have to find you now.
Can hear your name, I don't know how.
Why can't we make this darkness feel like home?



Sunday, January 13, 2008 @ 12:59
One United. 6-0 rout of Newcastle @ Old Trafford. ((:
CMC camp was nice. I felt that even though it was a camp to bond the sec1s, sec2s, and 3s, the sec4s sort of bonded too. As a batch i mean.
Did alot of crazy things at night.
Like telling ghost stories and scaring the shit out of each other.
Marathon-ing through the night.
Ate hell lot of junk food.
Got the sec1,2 & 3s to knock it down. And then throw water bombs at them.

Fun fun. :)
Only 2 weeks to prelim 1. I need to get mugging soon.
Bye world! :(

And I am addicted to Lovestoned. By Justin Timerlake. You all should listen to it. Especially the interlude. :D

those flashing lights come from everywhere.
the way they hit her i had to stop and stare.
she's got me lovestoned.
i think i am lovestoned.
i think that she knows, think that she knows, oh oh.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008 @ 22:27
i want my long hair back please.
Lol. Went to just now.
Laughed like mad.
Brilliant speeches.

Here is one of the nice quotes.

EH a tip to evade GKY's evil clutches!
since the fringe isn't allowed to be droop below ones eyebrow, SHAVE IT and glue it to your chin!
then you can grow long long fringe!

And I still have long hair.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008 @ 18:18
2nd week of school; me don't like. =(
Went to school. Saw cheng's sexy GI cut. So nice right? =X

So these few days I have been doing homework and mugging.

With Basil...

And this little kitten came up to us. We fed it waffles with cheese. Wtf lol.

And sat at the playground, watching stars. That's BingQiang on Basil.

Update complete. :)

爱来过, 来得那么美, 那么凶。


Sunday, January 06, 2008 @ 11:07
1st week of school is over.
The first week of school has passed.
I probably have all but 1 subject teacher changed. That would be Mr Tan for history. As for the rest, all have been replaced by teachers that have never taught me before.
Its not that I don't like the new teachers. Its just that I hate changes. Maybe out of habit or whatsoever, there may be this sense of attachment to the previous teachers.

The entire class has been banded for all the subjects. [ banded = grouped ] For most of the subjects, I have been banded to the stronger group which requires me to go to other locations for classes.
Even my form teacher don't take me for maths now. T.T


The things we have to go through for academic success. Lol.
I have also started to play less this year. And actually did some homework. Those who know me will probably say " WTF? "
Yes, its true. If it was last year, I would just bring it to school the next day and chiong the homework before morning assembly. Haha.

And I have been forced to stay on as 1 of the chairman again... Of course alongside Cheng. :)
Cause of the fact that our form teacher said "I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE TWO OF YOU.",
we decided to stay on. Making others feel guilty is a good way of convincing them.

And with Prelims 1 drawing ever so near and alot of activities for cmc, I can't help but feel that I may actually fail Prelims 1.

Back to mugging now. Have alot of homework still not done. Even after missing yesterday's war. SORRY LADY BOSS. SORRY BOSS. SORRY PXU. LOL.

Finally turned on my phone yesterday. Found out I received alot of shit as well as alot of well wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

The amount of shit I got was like unbelieveable. Lol. I think I deleted like 20 of those messages at one shot. = =

Oh yes, and I am setting sights on AJC. Anderson Junior College.
Why? Cause its the nearest JC to me apart from RJC. But I know I dont and will never be good enough for RJC. So AJC is my choice. :)

Hopefully the faciliaties are not so bad. I have heard many of my friends complaining that JC life sucks. And they wanna get back into Catholic High so badly. Lol.

This is sort of the final lap for secondary school life.
And I am ready. I think.

" We have come too far to lose now. Lets get this over and go home... All of us. "

Admist the darkness,
The hand of God is still deciding.
But it seems like that our destinies have been scripted.
Our dreams are in the hands of whom?
Why does it seem like we have lost sight of them?


Thursday, January 03, 2008 @ 23:07
O levels.
I hate love homework!
I hate love studying!
I hate love prelims 1 in 25days!
I hate love O levels!

This is about 1/4 of the total books I need to revise for my prelims. Which starts on 28th of January. Goddddd....

I loved you with a fire red, but now it's turning blue.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008 @ 20:39
1st post of 2008
Watched the countdown @ vivocity on channel 5.
The entire performance was crap.
Except for perhaps Hady's performance.

Rest was mediocre at best. Gurmit did the rendition of Craig David's new single. It sounded okay but I heard more of Craig's voice than Gurmit's.

The Getai performance. Well... Lets just say I switched channels immediately.

The winner of live the dream was also bullcrap. What was his name again? Fandhi? Whatever. He sand Lovestoned/I think she knows by Justin Timberlake. Boring vocals. Almost fell asleep while listening to it. The only time when I really listened to the song was when the guitar solo came in and he stopped singing. Lol.

By Definition was quite boring also. I got thrilled over nothing when I heard that some band actually had the balls to attempt Linkin Park songs. It turned out to be just as bad as the previous performances.

If you had watched the countdown, compare to Linkin Park performing those songs live in concert. I can assure you its totally different. LP will get people on their feet yelling encore.
By Definition will have gotten me to throw rotten vegetables at them.

Darren Tan then sang his new single from his debut album. It sounded okay, but nothing spectacular.

Same for Taufik. Although I forgot what song he sang. Nothing special to mention of.

Hady sounded okay and was the only one that didn't put me to sleep.

However, by far the worst performance WAS THE RENDITION OF INTO THE NIGHT BY SANTANA!!


Honestly, I wondered how did they even manage to find a way to ruin such a song. I even uploaded it on my blog recently. They made a joke out of Carlos Santana. And Chad Kroeger, the vocalist.
All in all, horrible performance. Horrible countdown party. Horrible way to end 2007.

Having said that, 2008 is finally upon us. Any hopes of having a bright start to the new year instantly dispersed when I allowed my mom to talk me into cutting my hair today.

I swear to God, this is the last time I am ever listening to what they say. My mom always threatens me by saying that Dad is angry. But now, I don't give a fuck.
And what is worse is that, my hair now is damn short. Short like fuck. My long hair now is replaced by hair a quarter of the original length. Sad eh?

I have told myself before that I wouldn't listen to them anymore, but I guess I am not one who easily bears grudges. Now, I do. Starting from today, I am ignoring them. No communications whatsoever. Sounds like teenage angst? Nah. I call it fighting fire with fire. The only way you can fight morons is by igorning them. Logical? :)

Haha. Sorry for such a long post. Have not written such a long one in ages. But its a little hard to pent these frustrations to my heart.
"This is your cue now to show sympathy by saying awww."

Seriously, I admire the lifestyles of some of my guild members. They live with total control of their lives. Not going to say who, but pxu members should know who I am referring to. Their parents don't constantly nag or force them to do stuff they don't want to do. They have all the freedom in the world to do anything that they want.

But I don't. And I will do anything to get that type of freedom.
God, save me from the only 2 idiots in my life.