Wednesday, August 29, 2007 @ 21:05
sanjay the blogger
HEY GUYS! Nothing much. Just pretty glad that oral is finally over! =)
Hope i didn't do too badly. I think my teacher was a lenient one. At least that's what i hope. x)

OH. AND if you guys have like a spare second, click on the following link.
No, it does not contain any virus whatsoever. Its just SANJAY's BLOG [ aka johan ] and he needs alot of people to view it so that it won't be deleted. So just click on it everytime you visit here ya?

Much appreciated. Now making a study timetable.. =X

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 @ 21:13
Cranes. Lots of them.
Cranes symbolises hope. And that was the reason why we were folding them in the first place.
The whole 3-1 was folding cranes for the people with kidney problems. So even though i sucked at origami, had to give it a shot lor.

Haiz, thoughout the whole time keep kena suan by Miss Chow.
I will let the photos tell you the story..

Some of the cranes folded by Dom, Miss Chow and me.

Hoho..someone in action. =X

The end product!

After that, we went to J8 to find the present for her. Went to food junction to eat first. Also met Jordan's gf for the first time. Hahaha. Never see him so quiet before sia. =/

"Pepper lunch. One thing malays cant eat with their hands. - Toh Xiao Wee"

Came back home and logged in msn. Then...

miss chow says:
hey Jon

if you jump, i'll break your fall. says:

miss chow says:
do me a favour pllsssss

if you jump, i'll break your fall. says:
what if i say no?
if you jump, i'll break your fall. says:

miss chow says:
miss chow says:
punch u tmw

if you jump, i'll break your
fall. says:

miss chow says:

Walao so bad one... =(
But nvm la. In the end i still agreed to help. LOL.

And Janice got her handphone confiscated. Boohoo! =/
Hope you get hp back soon. HAHA.

Alrite. Time to mug chinese oral.

Monday, August 27, 2007 @ 22:12
lessons of life.
Haiz. Today was fucking funny.
After school, decided to slack around under my grandma's block.
So we did. ( xiao wee, shiyuan, law and me! =D )

Ok la. So i did take a few photos along the way...

On our way to the market! =D

Ain't he just handsome?!?! Took this near the 4D shop.

Need i say more? Do it naturally~

Lesson learnt: Do not smile with pearls in your mouth.


Actually had more. Rest are with xiao wee and there are quite stupid videos of us playing in the playground above. Can't access youtube for some reason. =(

Realised today that EOYs are DAMN IMPORTANT!!
Thinking back of the past 3 terms, EOYs are almost worth the same percentage as 3 terms combined.
So i need to work hard lor.. Haiz. Stress =(

Still need to think of ACES day "cheorography". WTF!
Oh, and yay for Miss Chow cause i didn't get picked to go for the stupid bilingual competition!

Friday, August 24, 2007 @ 22:56
Pre-post. Hahs.
Tiong got jacked today. Haha.
Whole incident damn funny.
Must thank Xiao Wee for his invaluable help just now also.
Without him, the thing would have been incomplete. :)

Update tomorrow.. now my eyes are already drooping..

Let me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

Thursday, August 23, 2007 @ 19:54
Jacked by someone named valerie.
I got jacked by Tan Seow Wee today. WTF.

Haiz, still cause of my chem file.
She say i didn't hand up but hex passed it up for me liao lor.
I keep ask her double and triple check..she still say dont have.

jon : "miss tan, i put mine with ding liang's and eugene's one la..."

tsw : "dont have lor. i think you better come back to school and look for it."

jon : "but i at market...Haiz nvm ba. i go back and check."

so i started walking back...

tsw : "Ah nvm i think i see it."



Wednesday, August 22, 2007 @ 18:14

Sunday, August 19, 2007 @ 21:49
Their finest hour yet.
Ok so i have not been blogging recently. Haha, kinda lazy and still alot of stuff to do. So i will just update starting from Friday =)

  • Rush Hour 3

Watched it together with Chang, Daryl, JH & Jason @ J8.
So we met at the school porch finally at 3.15. Had a little miscommuincations with them so it was kinda delayed..Haha. Sorry lor guys ><

Anyway, it was quite nice of Chang to lend me money to watch it x)
Once we reached GV, first thing we did was to fix our eyes on the monitors that showed the movie timeslots.
We missed the 3.50 one..So had to settle for 4.20 timeslot.
Meanwhile, while waiting, went to food junction to burn some time. Jh and Daryl both played pokemon on their handphones lol.
4.20 finally arrived sia..was waiting until damn impatient. Probably cause i have anticipating it since Feb.

The movie was quite nice. But lacked in plot. Typical Chris Tucker comedy paired up with Jackie Chan moves. Still, it was a good laugh and helped me to relieve a little of the stress inside me.

  • Scouts

Was a little weird going back to scouts to help out the J1s. Good thing they were J1s that i was a little more used to. Especially Sai Meng haha.

Anyway, i guess i am still a little out of place going back to scouts after missing it for so long. Really glad that Sai Meng help me lor. Think he is the best senior i will ever have =)

Also realised that the J1s love to talk alot of cock. Lol! From conversations like caning to studies. Haha. Really not as bad as i expected.

  • Projects

Haiz, still pretty furious about the incident. Not that i want to say it out loud but its really fucking stupid once u know the whole story.

Thanks to someone who i confided in just now. Feeling much better after talking about it. It meant alot! =)

Ok, blogging over! Hard to sleep in cold nights though....

Friday, August 10, 2007 @ 07:49
I bleed it out.

Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Yeah here we go for the hundredth time
Hand grenade pins in every line

Throw 'em up and let something shine
Going out of my fucking mind

Filthy mouth, no excuse
Find a new place to hang this noose

String me up from atop these roofs
Knot it tight so i won't get loose

Truth is you can stop and stare
Run myself out and no one cares

Dug the trench out laid down there
With a shovel up out of reach somewhere

Yeah, someone pour it in
Make it a dirt dance floor again

Say your prayers and stomp it out
When they bring that chorus in

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

Just to throw it away
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out
[End Chorus]

Go stop the show
Choppy words and a sloppy flow

Shotgun opera lock and load
Cock it back and then watch it go

Mama help me I've been cursed
Death is rolling in every verse

Candy paint on his brand new hearse
Can't contain him he knows he works

Fuck this hurts I won't lie
Doesn't matter how hard I try

Half the words don't mean a thing
And I know that I wont be satisfied

So why try ignoring him
Make it a dirt dance floor again

Say your prayers and stomp it out
When they bring that chorus in

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

Just to throw it away
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out

I've opened up these scars
I'll make you face this

I've pulled myself so far
I'll make you, face, this, now!!!!

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

Just to throw it away
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper
Just to throw it away

Just to throw it away
Just to throw it away

I bleed it out
I bleed it out
I bleed it out

[ its abit soft so just turn the volume louder. lol ]

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 @ 22:09
Rollerchair + camera = infinite possiblities!

I was sitting on the roller chair getting pushed by ding and tiong.
Damn fun! Must try it again next time x)
(no people and chairs were harmed in the making of this video.)

Monday, August 06, 2007 @ 21:46
Post Drama Fest Entry
Today was not bad.... Had quite a few teachers coming up and congratulating me on the nice dance.. Yay! Means no major screw ups =x

Now are the pics from miss chow! So sweet of her to come down and support the dancers =)
Ain't she the best? Awwwwwww....

I found this pic just now only..going back home from dram fest! On the mrt~

Now please let me get high marks for chem retest T___T

Sunday, August 05, 2007 @ 18:28
i'm back....finally. x)
Yo guys! Its been too long since i came in to post a full length entry. So im going to update on the recent drama fest aka gan qing gu xiang!
Personally, i found it very fun. Despite many gruelling trainings for the dance item, it was definetely worth it. I guess i love the stage? For strange reasons, i am more nervous waiting in the backstage then performing on stage.

Firstly, let's just say that i had alot fun with both new and old friends. New friends including Tawan, Yeung Kai and Mrs Loh. Old including alwin and the fellas from 3-3. (Ivan, Richie, Kah Koon, QC, Shawn & Brandan)
It was cool cause i think i really got to know alot more about them during the course of these 3 days.

Secondly, this is dedicated to KAH KOON FOR BEING THE BIRTHDAY BOY! Yea, it was fun to surprise him with a birthday cake and a nice little present for him. (actually quite a big one...)

Some of the pictures we took...


Damn bad...peeing on him xD

Birthday boy with his cake.

The cake though is small but worth alot. Cause Ivan and co. had to walk from Victoria Hall all the way to BreadTalk in CITYLINK. Haha. Are you touched by our efforts? =)

Thirdly, I guess i also learned alot from the dance experince. The feeling of being on was really incredible. Not sure but i think heard people screaming my name too... Yea it was great!

Now for some pictures of the SLB DANCERS! We kinda took all these photos during the full dress rehearsal cause we were obviously too bored with ourselves. And it took us a hell of a long time to take all of those pictures. Different angles you see... x)

Now for the actual performance!

It was absoutely fantastic just being on the stage. Really. It was also better than the student leader's investiture. Not sure why though. Haha. But before going on, i was practicing in the mirror all my steps. Kept bugging everyone to make sure if my moves were right. Yea i was being a irritating bugger but what to do? Kiasu wad... Lols.

On the stage, it was strangely less nerve wrecking than being in the backstage. Maybe it was because that was it. There was no turning back anymore. Praying to God silently, i think he answered my prayers because i forgot none of my moves! Thankfully too! It was much more easier to spot mistakes since there were only 6 people dancing instead of the previous 15.

So i survived that... and after the show i was surprised one more time.

Miss Chow came up to me and Cheng and gave us red daisies! One each for the dancers and another for Kah Koon cause he was the birthday boy. Felt kinda strange cause it was a mixed feeling of both a friend and a teacher giving me a flower. Not used to it obviously... HAHA.
But it was really sweet lor. People never receive flower before mah... =(

Anyway, we took one more picture on the stage before going to the lounge for supper and refreshments.

Courtesy of Ivan and his phone for taking the pic =)
will upload pics of us and miss chow later when i get them from her..=p