Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ 21:28
All hail salvation
I really should be doing my eom but I am not.
Guess I'm too mentally drained to do anything else. Karma has a funny way of turning around and kicking you in the crotch. Last week I managed to avoid trouble mostly but this week was completely different. It was as if everything had accumulated from before and released in a span of a few days. (actually, its just today)

What was discussed in SD was true, I am really afraid of cutting my hair hahaha.
Time for my weary mind to take a snooze, bye people. See you when I feel like its worth doing anything else other than procrastinate.

I need salvation.

Saturday, July 25, 2009 @ 15:53
You won't get away.
So here I am, typing away after a rather eventful week.
Firstly, I am quite happy to say that I got into the dance exco as secretary :D
Its no president or what but I can't complain since I actually asked for that position. Yes, you might be feeling perplexed now as to why I had to ask for secretary instead of higher positions but that did not occur to me when I was being interviewed. Ahhhh, I'm so stupid! But at least both president and vice president are capable candidates and a boy is in the exco of a cca dominated by girls.
Speaking of the interview, I actually got caught by the dean (TJS) for long hair while waiting outside. Grahhh, it was so unfortunate but not that I really care or anything.

Today was PTM and unbelieveably, I didn't get much of a scolding! W to the h to the o o o pie! But my mum was being a dick (oh the irony) and took me aside to lecture me on little issues which quite frankly pissed me off to the extent that I contemplated taking the knife and ...
But on a whole, its been a roller coaster ride of a week that threatened to derail itself so badly so I should be grateful.

And fyi, I said "YOU'RE", NOT "YA!! :D

Monday, July 13, 2009 @ 21:04
Clints and Grykes
Guitar is sooooo boring without Jackston! Not only do I have no one to talk to during class, I have to see my teacher's atrocious armpit hair which always sticks out and captures my attention. Definitely not a pleasing sight although it can't be compared to the pictures found in which is a site which revels in gay pride hooha and whatever nonsense.

Eating 2 dinners in the span of an hour is no joke by the way. Although I miraculously shedded 3 kg over the holidays (okay its not so much of a miracle since I always skipped one meal) but I'm seriously too skinny now! Even girls come up to me and say they can probably break my legs easily. Oh and my sister is jealous of my legs too, how weird is that?!

Excuse me now while I try to study for tomorrow's geog CA on limestones. Tower karsts and gorges are just so damn irritating!

Sunday, July 12, 2009 @ 14:42
I fell for you first.
I hate it when people keep secrets from me! Screw you lawrence and Suan Hin! Hahaha, I'm just joking.

Chinese oral was a complete flop and my EOM is probably going to get thrown right back in my face but I can't really be bothered. Just finished my math homework so I shall slack before continuing with my geog. Limestones are just not my thing.

Headed to Kallang Stadium to take photos of that old place for project work yesterday and ate lunch at plaza sing! It was damn funny taking turns to insult each other and we nearly died from heat exhaustion hah. I really like my pw group :D
Its just too bad Chris wasn't there to take photos with us!


Sentosa class photo!


On another note, I don't really quite comprehend the act of mindlessly bashing others online.
Its like this picture:

Oh hoorah for idiotic pictures like these for they do serve a purpose!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 @ 23:25
And we stood at a distance
It still doesn't feel like school has just reopened. In fact, my body clock is still used to waking up at 11a.m. Which of course totally wrecks the way I function, especially when I'm getting myself out of bed.

Nooooooooooo, I want my holidays back.
Anyway, Sentosa was fun to say the least although I did get a LITTLE tanner. Jackston, Shan Jin and me went to book a spot for us at the beach early at like 10 in the morning when they only arrived at 12 plus! Aren't we just the best? :D

Played soccer with a volleyball while Christopher nearly got me killed with his racist remarks!
Shan Jin kicked my toe until the toe nail cracked in half and its &$@&!^%* painful ):
So now I resort to putting a huge bandage around my big toe and I can't fit into my socks now because its too fat.
We played captain's ball afterwards which is kind of dumb if you were watching because its basically 11 crazy dicks shouting for the ball everytime its passed around!
Oh and I got thrown into the sea by my classmates which absolutely sucked! Firstly, all the ang moh tourists were just staring at me while I plummetted into the water. Secondly, my new shirt got stains all over and I can't remove them from my shirt. Thirdly, I drank few mouthfuls of dirty sea water.

Headed to pastamania for dinner before all of us trained home :D
Then went over to Law's house for stayover. His family is damn freaking hilarious, from Edison all the way down to Larry. Hahaha, I wished I had a cool family like his but when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! (quoted from my secondary 4 classmate although its meant to be a joke hah)
I can't really think of anymore to write so I shall edit this post at a future date.

Goodnight peeps :D

Saturday, July 04, 2009 @ 00:48
You had me down and out
A new skin for the new semester :D
Hahaha, I'm just linking 2 random stuff together. Mid years were miserable to say the least but they are over at last! Now its chinese A' levels and EoM which totally sucks.