Monday, January 04, 2010 @ 20:28
on a field of daffodils
Today, I think I lost a friend.
Or maybe I just haven't been enough of one these past 2 years. Yeah I'm probably overreacting hahahaha. Not.

Disappointment is a severe understatement.
But then again, I have always told people to go with their natural instincts haven't I? Its pretty ironic right? As I thought about it, I began to ask myself, what if your natural instincts were the wrong choices? Heck, either way, you are the one to ultimately decide if the decision you made was incorrect.

Seeing that I didn't really matter compared to someone who is...
Sigh, you won't understand unless you're in my shoes.

Goodbye everyone, I officially proclaim myself as numb.

Another sleepless night and I'm still staring at the ceiling...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 @ 23:54
Listen to your heart.
Flying off to Taiwan in 24 hours!
Hopefully it won't be too boring. I would have prefered staying in Singapore for the festive season but the idiotic tour group postponed the trip 1 week later. I would ask for a refund but I didn't pay for the ticket...

Okay, back in a week's time. Adios amigos.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 23:46

That first time we layed eyes
Lookin' over 'n over again
(Talkin' no matter how late 'n - laffin' away and away 'n)
Was so on a natural high, felt like you always been my best friend
(So happy everyday 'n - nothin' can tear us away 'n)
You always had a glow, on your face so, you had to be mine... yeah yeah yeah
Everyplace we go, holding hands yo, I knew you were mine
That's why you gotta know girl

Always you should know you're my honey
Always you are on my mind
Always you can call on me any 'o day or night... oh yeah
No way I be shady or frontin'
No way that aint even my style
What I'm sayin is always and forever be you and I...

For the first time in my life
Feelin' all the love deep within
(Aint never felt so amazin - hits me in so many ways 'n)
For sure I, would never get by, I need you by my side thick 'n thin... yeah
(You lovin' me is like heaven - don't wanna let you go never)
You always had a glow, on your face so, you had to be mine... yeah yeah yeah
Everyplace we would go, holding hands yo, I knew you were mine...
That's why you gotta know always girl yeah...

Always you should know you're my honey
Always you are on my mind
Always you can call on me any 'o day or night... oh yeah
No way I be shady or frontin'
No way that aint even my style
What I'm sayin is always and forever be you and I...

Baby always count'em 365 all days pound'em can I get a witness
Every ounce of my love heavy wit this
Girl we fit just like a glove you my misses
And we got it like that know each other like that
Definitely got each others back, and that's fact (cuz you are my love)
And that's that (my one and only love)

Yo, she makes my heartbeart skip 'n
Everyday and everynight straight trippin
Lovin' so wild wild I'll say it real loud loud
I'll walk hundred miles miles to keep her no doubt doubt
Her eyes her hair her lips 'n
Baby keepin' my body ripped 'n
Lovin' her style style, it steady be wild wild and I'm gonna love her always

Always you should know you're my honey
Always you are on my mind
Always you can call on me any 'o day or night... oh yeah
No way I be shady or frontin'
No way that aint even my style
What I'm sayin is always and forever be you and I...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 @ 00:24
Batam OCIP aftermath.
Its been eons once again since I last visited this dingy old thing. (I reserve the right to call it dingy since its been here for the past 2 years.)

So I came back none worse for the wear from my ocip trip. It was pretty eventful and an eye opening experience, from the ginormous potholes on the roads to the muddy slopes at the orphanage. Honestly, when I first reached there, I was overwhelmed by the well, bad conditions there. But hey, I figured that since we all volunteered to help out, might as well get down and dirty while you're at it, right?? Thats what we did.

Or at least, thats what I did. Wait, that didn't come out right.
Heshuang happened to me. Ah yes thats the sentence. You see, for the few days that I was there, I was covered in paint and cement literally. There was a point when I saw green paint still dripping from hair back in the hotel toilet. (That would be after we have finished our work) Imagine the nicest little shock I had when I saw green highlights on my leghair. Thats because yours truly was given an extreme makeover by the person mentioned above to look a little more like the Hulk. And to this day, the remnants of the green paint still remain on my shirts.
So here's a big thanks to you my friend! (who is currently in China now)
Do come back soon, we miss you!

What my class did was pretty impressive within the 3 days I must say. We accomplished many things!

  1. Painted the walls of the mosque
  2. Cemented part of the wall
  3. Re-painted the walls because the kids went to spoil them
  4. Piss off another class.
  5. Played sepak takraw with the kids
  6. Pranked called each other in the hotel
The prank callings were works of a pure genius I swear. (of course, I came up with them)
Ha ha ha, okay so the rest of the guys helped out too. Although I'm sorry towards Jassmen because he's constantly being laughed at by my class. (okay I'm not so sorry actually) Better luck "catching your refrigerator" next time!

We played indian poker + truth or dare combined in the hotel rooms!
It was really hilarious to say the least and somewhat frustrating. Hilarious because of all the answers from the truths. I guess it wouldn't hurt to spill the beans here...

Results from Truths:

Q: Who do you think is the sexiest guy in class?
Stephanie: Jon (sexy

Q: Who is the prettiest girl in class?
Leon: Cindy

Q: Whose boobies are the nicest? (Excluding Jackston's) HAHAHAHAH OMG

Q: Who do you want to marry in this class?
Melvin: Stephanie (she can earn me big bucks!!)

Well, thats all that I can about remember.
So it wasn't spicy enough this time round but we're getting there! Watch out at class chalet!
You all can probably infer from the previous sentence what happened when I shared the same room as him!

Oh sigh, its only been a few days yet I miss you so. Come back soon!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 @ 20:10
Aftermath of prank callings in Batam.
Leon says:
btw, did u prank call me ytd?
like prank me when i called u?

jonathan says:

Leon says:
Huh.. i called u
then did ur dad pick up?

jonathan says:
should be
i was asleep

Leon says:

jonathan says:
sounds like me

Leon says:
i nearly wanted to scold him

jonathan says:

Leon says:
cus like i thought u trying to prank me

jonathan says:
you called at 11+
i was asleep by 10
n1 you jackass

Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 11:33
Your love has just finished but...
The past week has been hectic to say the least. Well, at least for me anyway. I have been sleeping an average of 4.5 hours for 7 days which is ironically, lesser than during the actual school days! Basically, I had dance practice 8 hours a day for the auditions held 3 days ago. Trust me when I say, PLEASE DO STRETCH AND WARM UP BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Being the foolish bunch of us, we proceeded straight to dance prior to any warm ups whatsoever. Guess what? The following day, every single one of us had cramps/aches/strains in almost every part of our body and I reckon we could have been the proud advertisers of salonpas! Jokes aside, our aches, well... ACHED.

Nonetheless, dancing was an enjoyable and convivial experience. It was a welcome change for the previously stressful and agonising countdown to release of promotional results.
And while I am on the subject of dance, Jayne is a kickass dancer! You'll probably go wtfhaxbbq if you see any of her solos and choreography. Ha ha ha, and it was pretty much thanks to her we even got an item to present at the auditions. Speaking of which, the auditions didn't feel like one. In fact, it was probably just a teaser/sneakpeek of what we were going to do on OPENHOUSE which is tentatively on the 12th of Jan! (Btw, this is an obvious hint for all those reading this post now to come down and support us :D)

Its almost 23rd November which means OCIP trip beckons! I'm actually leaving in probably 20 hours time and will be back on the 26th. Please try not to miss me too much as I will be back pretty soon! (Not very soon actually) Pardon me for my "thickskin-ness" if that's actually a real word hah. :P
I am looking forward to this trip because it presents a great chance for T6 to bond once more! We have not gotten too many chances like this so lets make the most out of it people :D
Eagerly anticipating the banter, jokes, games (*coughs* monopoly *coughs) and the sense of achievement after we have made other people's lives better! (crosses fingers for no screwing up)

My my, its been a long while since I posted a long entry like this. Perhaps its because I have been inspired to write. Wait... I have an inspiration to write something?! Dang, thats like finding kryptonite on planet Earth! Or like Liverpool actually winning the premiership this season! Ah yes, I love the satirical side of humour. No offense to all my blokes that support Liverpool of course :)
Allow me to have my moment since I'm still reeling from the embarrassing 2-0 defeat at Anfield..

Okay, I shall go put even more salonpas patches on my thighs. Quite frankly, they feel like they have been pounded on by a 3 tonne anvil.
So long folks! See you all in about 4 days.

Friday, November 13, 2009 @ 22:29
Melancholy all over again
Today was a day of mixed emotions. On one hand, results were good and all but not so good for others. Sigh, this is an unfair world.

My results got moderated like mad which is cool and all but compared to others, it really sucks balls.

Dance was especially tiring today.
Maybe I really am cranky. Its probably due to the lack of sleep these past few days. I even dozed off on my couch an hour ago!

And it sucks to know that you can't do anything to help others.
I feel like we're falling apart. Need super glue asap! Okay lame.
Argh, shall go bang a wall and knock myself unconcious.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 @ 22:17
Electric Romeo

EPIC. Makes me wannna go and fight a war.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 01:07
I call you candy


LET THE PARTY BEGIN (in approximately 10 hours!)


Monday, November 09, 2009 @ 10:21
For the moon, by the sea
Its all going downhill isn't it?
I think for you are probably regretting. Hahahahaha, I don't blame you. I just don't know what's wrong'.

Can't believe this is affecting me so much. I must get my life back on track and focus.

Sunday, November 01, 2009 @ 12:53
Always tears fall in my dreams
They always say you hurt the one you love the most.

How true.

@ 02:48
Bling Bling
You know, football can never give you the shitiness that one experiences in his real life. (Unless you're a football player yourself) E.G. John Terry when he missed his penalty in the Champions League Final

But then again, it can give you the europhia of becoming a real person, especially when you win a trophy.
Maybe I should stick to football to avoid burning my fingers.

Probably gonna stay awake till I see the morning sun. Goodbye sleep.
The sky is red now and my floor is probably going to be of the same hue soon. Pretty soon I'll start punching myself out of frustration.